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Cylindrical Attenuators

Cylindrical attenuators are available as straight through, or with a central pod. They are normally designed for direct connection to the inlet and outlet of axial flow fans, but can also be installed within ductwork systems and are available in lengths of 1,1.5 and 2 x the duct diameter. As all of our equipment is bespoke, we can manufacture cylindrical attenuators to suit specific lengths.

The standard construction is from pre-galvanised steel, with either tapped inserts on the end rings, spigot connections, or external flanges. Attenuators are available with a high quality paint finish, or constructed from stainless steel.

All attenuators can be lined with Melinex for clean applications.

We also manufacture a special straight through, heavy duty, cylindrical attenuator that can be used for wood wasted or paper waste applications.

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