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Rectangular Attenuators

At JC Acoustics our bespoke attenuators are designed for specific applications to ensure the target noise levels are achieved within the airflow parameters of the system.

Rectangular attenuators are typically used to reduce ductborne noise from fans, air handling units and as an integral part of the ventilation system for diesel generators and cooling towers.

Attenuators are generally constructed from pre-galvanised steel, with an option for a high quality painted finish. We also offer a heavy duty construction and stainless steel construction for more specialist applications.

Absorptive splitters can be provided loose to fit into existing ducts or brickwork apertures and risers.

We also provide rectangular bend attenuators that incorporate turning vanes, to minimise pressure drops.

Melinex lined attenuators are ideal for applications requiring a higher degree of cleanliness and hygiene. The lining minimises the erosion of fibres into the airstream.

Crosstalk rectangular attenuators are designed to achieve sound transmission ratings between adjoining rooms, by providing excellent attenuation of speech frequencies to maintain privacy.

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