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Rectangular Attenuators

At JC Acoustics our bespoke attenuators are designed for specific applications to ensure the target noise levels are achieved within the airflow parameters of the system.


Cylindrical Attenuators

Cylindrical attenuators are available as straight through or with a central pod. They are normally designed for direct connection to the inlet and outlet of axial flow fans but can also be installed within ductwork systems and are available in lengths of 1,1.5 and 2 x the duct diameter. However, as all our equipment is bespoke, we can manufacture cylindrical attenuator to suit specific lengths.


Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic louvres are designed to weatherproof and provide attenuation through an aperture and still allow airflow for ventilation.


Acoustic Enclosures

JC Acoustics have designed, manufactured and installed many enclosures for a wide range of industrial applications.


Acoustic Screens

Our acoustic panelling system or acoustic louvres can be used to create screens that will provide a reduction in noise from mechanical equipment.


Acoustic Doors

Our single and double leaf acoustic doors provide up to 45 dB(A) noise reduction. The doors are supplied as a complete assembly including door frame, hinges, seals, thresholds, door closers or restraints, handles and locks.


Weather Louvres

Weather louvres are for applications that require protection from precipitation but still allow air movement. The louvres are often used in conjunction with rectangular attenuators for example on diesel generator inlet and discharge apertures.


Noise Surveys

Our acoustic engineers are experienced and qualified to carry out various types of noise surveys.



We are able to offer a complete installation service with our products. Our installation engineers are experienced and qualified to ensure the installation is carried out in a safe and competent manner.